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Monday, June 29, 2020

Woman Confesses, Says She Destroyed Her Friend’s Business With Diabolic Powers

A 33-year-old lady (name withheld) was on Saturday, June 27, seen confessing on the streets and revealing how she deliberately and single-handedly ran her friend’s business down with her diabolical powers.
The incident took place early in the morning at Ughelli opposite Iwhrekpokpor Roundabout. The lady admitted that she ran her friend’s business, while detailing how she enchanted her friend into taking a loan and spiritually poisoned her mind to misuse the money she borrowed from the bank. 

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According to eye witnesses, she revealed that she was always jealous of her friend’s progress and that was why she did what she did to bring her down completely. 

 Eyewitness reports revealed that the said lady continued to laugh hysterically as she made her secrets known to the public. 

 Here's what she said;

“I got jealous and angry at my friend when she began to grow in her business and marriage. She got enough food items in her matrimonial home more than I did and she seems very happy with her husband and that’s why I decided to make her business collapse. 

 “Although my friend who is a nurse in one of the hospitals do bring me gifts as well as food items, I continue to envy her as she brings more for me everyday. 

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“I manipulated her to borrow a huge amount of money from the bank and controlled her in the spiritual realm on how to misuse it.”
It was learnt that the woman was taken to a deity afterwards, to somehow appeal to the gods and to cleanse her.

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