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Friday, November 15, 2019

Meet The 'Miracle Child' Who Is Half Human, Half Chimpazee

A 12-year-old Angolan boy, Augusto Dembo whose genetic make-up is half human, half chimpanzee is now in the middle of a controversy that is stirring
up disbelief and disputes amongst experts and novices alike in Angola.

The boy's mother, whose name is Anita Dembo, was said to have involved herself in an affair with a chimpanzee. This she allegedly confessed to on her deathbed. The relationship endured for many years during her employment at the Parc national de Cameia where she worked as a conservation officer since 1998.

Augusto Dembo who now lives with his uncle and aunt in the capital city of Luanda turned into a celebrity overnight as the story made national headlines and enlisted lots of generosity from people following the death of his mother.

Nevertheless, experts are disputing the claim that he is the product of the sexual intercourse between a human being and a chimpanzee.

Dr. António Mendes of the Hospital Municipal do Luena had this to say;

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"Sexual relationships between humans and chimpanzees are fairly common in the region but this is the first time a pregnancy is officially reported."

The Angolan President, João Lourenço nicknamed the boy the “Angolan Miracle Child” He went further to call young Augusto a “National treasure”, “a sign from God” and a “testament to the majesty and greatness of the Republic of Angola.”

Maria Cândida Teixeira, the current Minister of Science and Technology said;

"This discovery could even challenge the basic foundations of modern science."

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Here's what a spokesman for Parc national de Cameia told reporters;

“Any sexual interaction between employees or visitors of the park with animals is not encouraged behavior under current park guidelines.”

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