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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Hushpuppi Behind MMM Scam Site That Defrauded Millions Of Nigerians

Popular Nigerian Instagram celebrity, Ramoni Igbalode, AKA Hushpuppi was arrested on June 10, in Dubai, by the Dubai Police and not America’s FBI or Interpol as widely reported.
He is being held accountable for multiple fraud charges, along with 12 other accomplices, UAE’s online newspaper, The National reports. 

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The paper also revealed his real name as Raymond Abbas and his real age as 38 years. His case has been referred to the Dubai public prosecution and is currently being questioned by prosecutors at the Bur Dubai section. 

“The prosecutors charged him for “obtaining money from others through fraudulent means.” 

According to UAE National, security officers in the emirate arrested Mr Abbas and 12 others for online fraud that targets companies and individuals.

Since his arrest, people have been sharing their opinion on the issue and the one currently gaining grounds now is the linking of the billionaire to the popular money-doubling ponzi scheme called Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, MMM, that defrauded millions of people in Nigeria some years ago. 

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The idea of a possibility of Hushpuppi's involvement in the MMM scam came as a result of the huge amount of money linked to him by the Dubai Police in the recent video they released, which was estimated to be over 1.6 billion Dihram equivalent to 169 billion Nigerian Naira. 

The case which has now made Nigeria's reputation dirtier has began taking its toll on Nigerians who struggle hard to earn an honest living outside the country. In fact, Nigerians working in Dubai are now currently restricted from working in some key organisations like security jobs, financial jobs to mention a few.
Considering, how dirty his case is, most believe he won't be breathing any free air soon. 

It seems unlikely that Hushpuppi would be involved in the MMM ponzi scheme scam, however it also seemed unlikely that a Nigerian could scam the US government of $100 million but he did. 

So did he have a connection with MMM or not? Guess we just have to wait and see.

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