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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Update On Hushpuppi’s Arrest: Six State Governors Allegedly Involved In The Fraud

According to reports, about five to six Nigerian Governors have been discovered to be involved in the major fraud case linked to Raymond Igbalodely, popularly known as Hushpuppi.
Gistlover revealed that Hushpuppi is no longer in Dubai, as he has been extradited to the United States. So many people have been arrested and more will be. 

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Here's the report; 

UPDATE ON RAMONI:Confirmed Information reaching our Amebo headquarters is that they have taken hushpuppi away from Dubai, Some group of friends who are loyal to him hired lawyers on his behalf and the lawyers went to Interpol base, it was then revealed that he has been extradited to the US, it is 100% confirmed that he is not in Dubai again,this was achieved as a team ,the joint work was between, fbi / Interpol / EFCC and dubai police,they are still going about picking people,and a lot will be picked too because the scam is a huge one and was said to have a lot of boys involved, information also reaching us states that 5-6 gov are involved, the case was also linked to that of the 80boys arrested in the US LAST YEAR, those guys rat(revealed a lot) on hushpuppi,also our source reveals that Nigerians are not safe outside their country again as they are on guys radar, especially these countries:

UAE, USA, UK, NIG, SOUTH AFRICA. A lot of hushpuppi friends has blocked him, those he had some illegal dealings with in the past,the numbers he was a following keep deceasing, at least in the last 24hours about 20 or more friends has blocked him. My source also reveal that a lot of guys will be picked as EFCC has vowed to curb all illegal activities, and they are also trying to save their face as the arrest of hushpuppi and friends was termed international disgrace.

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