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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Dubai Slay Queen Thanks Nigerian Politicians For Spending ‘Corruption’ Money On Her

A Dubai Slay Queen, identified simply as Zoe, has taken to her instagram story to thank Nigerian politicians for spending their ‘corruption’ money on her.
These are monies that should have been used to build roads, hospitals, provide portable water or electricity but instead, is being spent in Dubai, and she even graduated from med school with the money. 

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The slay queen thanked the corruption money and insisted that she would pick nigerian corruption money over any other. 

She wrote; 
“ 🇳🇬 Corruption money over dirty a*s money. We graduated from that. We on corruption money.” 

See some reactions to her post; 
“She seems to be Egyptian. Let That money choke her and those politician.” – Vyzz 

 “She Need To Thank God Now Sooner Or Later She Will Be Crying For Help.” – Realstars

“At least, the slayqueen has an alternate clean source of income as a medical practitioner. 

Awa Naija slayqueens have only one source of income and when old age comes knocking at the door, they carry bible.  Naija politicians will rot in hell aswear.” – J11133 

“She dey chop and clean mouth and doesn't know the curse that come with spending money meant for hospitals,roads and electricity.” – Ruudvan 

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“Nigerian fantastically corrupt politicians like every thing foreign: slay queens, cars, houses, education, furniture and banking. At least if the money was spent on our local slay queens, it would have had a multiplier effect on the economy.” – @Btc

See more pictures of Zoe;

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