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Friday, January 31, 2020

Oyedepo's Visa Denial: Daddy Freeze Shamefully Demands Explanation From Thisday Newspaper

Controversial OAP Daddy Freeze has called out Thisday Newspaper to explain themselves after the newspaper
carried a fake news that Bishop Oyedepo, Founder of the Living Faith Church was denied Visa at the US embassy in Nigeria.

When the story was first published, Daddy Freeze had taken to social media to express his pleasure at the news of the General Overseer being turned down.

Here are some of the things he said; “What happened before going on to ask if the ‘anointed’ can also be affected. Oh Gawd! What happened??? He should have just sent one of those his talking fliers that speak in tongues.”

“Are you serious? Do bans affect the anointed?”

“If Trump Gets impeached it would be because of this.”

“Did he go without his wristband?”

“Let me see how you can you fly everywhere without Visa?”

However, the US embassy had come out to debunk the rumour. They released a statement that the news was fake.

Subsequently, Daddy Freeze had to eat his words as his followers proceeded to tear him apart, limb from limb.

The OAP has now come out to put the blame on Thisday and also demand an explanation.

Here's what he wrote;
“Thisday Newspaper please explain yourselves. I used to believe that stories from newspapers were bulletproof and watertight, that’s why I reacted to what I considered credible information.

“If this information came from a blog, I would have taken It with a pinch of salt.

“Should we start distrusting newspapers that in my opinion are supposed to be regarded as documents that can be tendered in court? ~FRZ.”

He has since deleted the posts he made on Instagram, in mockery of the General Overseer.

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