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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Biafrans Kick As Nnamdi Kanu Unveils New Flag With Jewish Star (Reactions)

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, on Tuesday, August 18, unveiled a Biafran flag
which was inscribed with a Jewish star.

Nnamdi Kanu posted the picture on Twitter, to get reactions from Biafrans, said that the new design is with an acknowledgement of ERI heritage. It is “beautiful and thought provoking. What do you think?”

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Mixed reactions have trailed the new Flag, with most twitter users kicking against the Jewish inscription, while others have approved it.

Some others feel indifferent about the new Flag and insists that the IPOB leader focus on getting the country before the flag. 

See reactions;

“@MaziNnamdiKanu Rejected. We are not Jews. No matter how hard you push it. And please research the true symbolism of the six point star. David never had a star. It is the biggest symbolism in satanism and demonic worship.” – @africatt

“@MaziNnamdiKanu The Judaism sign on it isn't cool. Unless all other possibly major religions of the IPOB is included on the flag. We must uphold the freedom of association & beliefs.” – @OkSydney

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“@MaziNnamdiKanu That inscription is not accepted because it is not Biafra in nature . We are not loyal to any religion or nation but to GOD ALMIGHTY. I say no and am sure millions of Biafrans will say so drop it.” – @Igbo_Speaker

“Bro this is star of David, this is not about religion but it reminds you where we came from NRI . Let's stop this religious bickering it has divided us enough.” – @EbereAkunyio

“@MaziNnamdiKanu is been a dictator, he's making it a Jewish state, why must #IPOB(a movement) choose for all of us e.t.c. this may sprout a major argument. As we #IPOB has publicly affirmed that the new #Biafra shall be a true democratic state, governing as we're.” – @PeterdamianAny2

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“Not everyone is not against it, and must not be against it, people have opinions and contributions to make, for me that's not necessarily and not what we want now, the main color is high and the spirit is strong so let's continue with it.” – @Chigoziefortun6

See more reactions;


  1. I don't like this we should focus on our freedom and not flag
    And Biafra supposed to have freedom of religion

  2. I don't think anything is wrong in d new development, I concord with d new design

  3. I prefer the former symbol it shows that Biafra is from the eastern part of the world where the sun rises.

  4. Biafrans should pls go back to Israel or were ever they came from Leave our land.

  5. We mustn’t quarrel about everything though have right to our opinions, if the Star of David is a wake up call to remind us who we are , then we should applaud it.In deed it is thoughtful of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the initiators. Let us March on Children of God.


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