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Sunday, January 5, 2020

"The World Is Ending And I'm Going To Hell, I Need A Married Man" - Lady Shares Last Request

Relationship blogger and self-acclaimed 'Love Doctor', Joro Olumofin has shared a weird request a lady made to him

In the post, the Lady identified only as Chizoba cited that in this new year, she wanted a married man who was either happy or unhappy to go into a relationship with.

She also said the married man must have a lot of money to be able to take care of her and cater for all her needs.

Chizoba disclosed in the likely 'outrageous' write up that she was ready to satisfy the anticipated married man sexually, adding that being a good girl didn't help her last year.

She even insinuated that the world was ending soon and she knows she would be going to hell. 

Here's what she wrote;

"Joro honestly, I followed you last week. Been reading stuffs. I'm looking for a married man this year. Unhappy or happy married man who has money to take care of me. I will give him all styles even if he wants anals.

"Joro last year I suffered ehn. Who did good girl help? Married wives can pray all they want. They slept with someone's husband too. If he decides to leave his wife for me, I will accept. The World is ending soon anyways. US and Iran drama. E no pass hell. Wee go see there. While I'm here, let me enjoy. Dubai, UK, America is my portion this year. I will finally get the things I want. God loves me."

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