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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

“He Is My Soulmate”— Lady Says, 56 Days After Fiance Beat Her To Stupor (Video)

A lady who goes by the name Amiracle Unique has damned what the world thinks and gone back to her fiancee, barely two months after she nearly lost an eye from being pummeled by him.

Amiracle who lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA, had on September 27, taken to her social media accounts to post videos and pictures of her badly battered face, saying that, “This is not what love looks like”. 

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 Friends and followers had commended her for realizing that, while advising that she runs away from the toxic relationship and never look back. 

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However, to the amazement of everyone who sympathized with her, Amiracle took her social media page on November 23, to reveal that she was back with her man, and would choose him over everyone else.

 In one post, she wrote; “We f*cking with whoever makes us happy and we ain't explaining sh*t to nobody.” In another post, she shared a picture of them together as she explained in a very long epistle that no man is perfect.  

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