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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Soko Loan Creates Customer’s Obituary Poster For Being 5 Days Late On Payment (Photo)

 An aggrieved customer identified as Chinedu Daniel Azuwuike, has taken to a social media platform to lament over the length the collection agents of a loan app, went to get their money when he failed to pay five days after the due date, Nicolekaima’s blog reports. 

 Some Chinese-owned loan companies in Nigeria have resorted to cyber-bullying techniques such as naming and shaming, intimidation using fake legal notices and repeated ‘harassment’ calls to customers and the contacts in their phones, to collect missed dues. 

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 A cursory search online would reveal how many Nigerians have taken to social media to complain of intimidation and harassment by collection agents of the online loan application called Soko Loan. 

 Soko Loan, a lending agency, notorious for shaming and humiliating defaulters, allegedly took it a step further on Azuwuike’s case, when they created an obituary poster for the embattled customer and shared it to his contacts. 

 Posting a photo of the poster on Facebook, Azuwuike revealed that he was just five days late on the loan repayment. He swore not to repay the dues for what they did to him.

 See what he wrote:

 “Pls imagine what this stupid loan app did. What a childish act and a very stupid thing. How can a loan app do this to me? Just because of 5 days over due day? I swear with my life...if I pay them, let this obituary be real.” 

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 The post has elicited mixed reactions online as many people agreed that the loan company went too far. Some others shared their own bitter experiences with the app and the rest queried the poster for not paying back in time. 

 “Soko Loan...I had the same experience 3 years ago...they called my daddy, my mum and also my relatives because of 2,500 to balance them...the app is crazy”— @rose.2991

 “its not even funny. If you ever had any encounter with these useless Chinese loan apps you would understand. It took our government just 24 hrs to ban Twitter, yet they won't do anything to bring down these apps. People losing jobs, commiting suicide because of the embarrassment these evil people are doing. And please before you judge anyone for using them please think twice. I just wish everyone will stop patronizing them let's see how they will survive...”— @felicity_haruna 

 “they posted my pix to social media because of 3 days overdue loan.”— @iam_jasminiii

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