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Monday, December 13, 2021

“You Are 22 But You Look 33”— Angel Dragged For Mocking Women In Their 30s

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Angel Agnes Smith has been dragged like a small ‘I better pass my neighbor’ generator, after she made a certain tweet online, Nicolekaima's blog reports. 

 Apparently, the reality TV star took to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter to talk about her love for women, whom she classified as “soft and beautiful”. 

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In a follow up tweet, Angel wrote a disclaimer, saying her previous tweet was not for ‘bitter’ women in their thirties, who might even be working as civil servants. 

Here's what she tweeted; 

 “I really love women; everything about them is soft and beautiful. 

 “Disclaimer: this tweet is not for bitter aunties 30 and above who are probably civil servants.” 

 The tweets didn't go down well with netizens on the bird app, as they have proceeded to drag the Akwa-Ibom born beauty. 

 According to most of the clap backs from women who probably caught their sub, Angel was the exact replica of the picture she painted. Some wondered if she was planning on remaining 22 forever since she felt the need to shame women for being 30 and above. 

 “Very rich coming from a what, 21-22 year old who looks 33. Ok”— @ugeeisweird 

 “Angel you literally and figuratively look like bitter aunty over 30 and above who’s probably a civil servants ffs. So what at all are you yarning about.”— @simplyajay 

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 “Eyaa, shebi she will still get to 30, abi she no wan reach that age?”— @amk_ue 

 “Angel that looks 40”— @razmash1 

“Funny. Every one will age whether we like it or not...if their only crime is being 30 and above, one day everybody go reach that age.”— @mssree_x

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