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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Condition Of The 12-Year-Old Who Was Beaten At School, Before He Died (Video)

 Perris Onoromoni, the cousin to Sylvester Onoromoni, a 12-year-old who was reportedly beaten to death at his school, Dowen College, has released a video of the victim’s condition before he passed on.

Perris alleged that the 12-year-old was beaten to death after he refused to succumb to pressure by fellow students to join a cult. 

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 According to him, the deceased mentioned the names of five persons responsible for putting him in that condition before he finally gave up the ghost on Tuesday, November 30.

 In the video seen, the deceased lips were burnt badly and he kept complaining that he was given something to drink. Whatever it was might have been corrosive, as the boy kept crying that his throat and stomach were hurting before he passed on.

 In his tweet, Perrie wrote; 

 “This was the state of Sylvester junior before he died. He couldn’t raise a leg or an arm.” 

 Reacting in a press statement, Dowen College claimed the deceased sustained injuries while playing football and was given immediate medical attention by the school’s resident nurse. 

Subsequently, the student complained of having pains in his hip and was attended to again, this time by a doctor and a nurse and thereafter taken to his house, the statement said. The school further said it had carried out a preliminary investigation where it was confirmed that there was no case of bullying, adding that it has policies that are strongly anti-cultism. It also claimed that there is a very cordial relationship between the school and the family. 

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