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Monday, November 22, 2021

“You Are Next! Game On” — Another EndSARS Panel Witness Gets Death Threat

Only 24hours after an #EndSARS panel witness, Kamsi Ibeh, who testified before the Lagos State Judicial Panel on Restitution for Victims of SARS Related Abuses and Other Matters, was stabbed to death, another protester has allegedly received a death threat. 

The witness, identified as Dabira Adeyinka was reportedly marked for elimination in a photo, found inside a strange envelope. 

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 It was learnt that when Kamsi had reached out to her, she and four other survivors had taken Kamsi to a hospital on Victoria Island, only to find the envelope when they returned to Dabira’s car. 

 “Kamsi was butchered. Her bones were showing. As soon as the doctor finished with her, we came outside. 

“One of us saw an envelope on the car. When we opened it, we saw a paper with my image without the head. Then they wrote ‘You’re next. Game on’. 

 “It was an image of me at the Lagos panel, when I went to give my testimony. Right now, we’re trying to stay safe,” Dabira told reporters. 

 One of the four persons who went to the hospital with Dabira said she found the envelope. 

 “Turning to put Kamsi in the back seat of the car, I noticed that the door on the passengers side in front had the envelope at the handle. 

 “I removed it and looked at it. Lo and behold it was a threat letter. I started to panic.” Sam Isah, another protester, told FIJ he suspected a dark-skinned guy loitering around the car. 

“I suspected a dark-skinned guy wearing a jersey and pants, who, as we were coming down, was climbing up. 

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“He saw us when we were raising the alarm. He had a funny look but we couldn’t do anything because we had no evidence,” Isah said. 

 The protesters have spoken with their lawyers, with intent to lodge a formal complaint with the police.

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