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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Woman Douse Sleeping Lover With Acid, After Tricking Him Into Drinking It Failed

A 28-year-old woman identified as Esther Afrifa poured acid on her sleeping boyfriend, after she tried to make him drink it unsuccessfully.

According to reports, Afrifa had thought he was cheating on her with a university classmate and hatched the plan to deal with her boyfriend, whose name is Kelvin Pogo.

 Afrifa reportedly bought a litre of sulphuric acid from the Internet and left it by her bedside ready to attack Pogo at their home in Wembley, north London.

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 At first, she tried to get him to drink some of the acid from a Nike sports bottle but he was only saved due to his distrust of tap water since his childhood in Africa. 

 Then at 3:30am, while he slept, she launched her first attack, pouring acid onto Pogo's chest and which quickly burned through his t-shirt. At first, he did not realise his girlfriend was responsible and asked her to get help. 

Afrifa pretended to call 999, blocked his friends from calling, and even cancelled a taxi that was due to take him to hospital. Then struck again, while Pogo lay resting on the sofa with open wounds, pouring more acid over his face and body. That was when Pogo ran out of the flat screaming and was rescued by a passing stranger who got him medical help.
Pogo, who moved to Britain to study film said at a Harrow Crown Court, that the event left him with mental trauma and permanent damage to his eyes, head, face and upper body. 

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 He also said that Afrifa went to extraordinary lengths to stop him from getting early medical treatment, leaving him with lifechanging injuries that have left him plagued by suicidal thoughts. 

 Judge Charles Bourne QC, who presided over the case, sentenced Afrifa to 14 years in prison, calling it, ‘a truly wicked thing to do’.

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