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Friday, March 5, 2021

Lady Cries Out After She Found Out Her Workers Secretly Syphoned N271K From Her Bank (Video)

A business owner has raised alarm after she discovered that two of her workers (who were in fact siblings), had been secretly stealing from her, despite the fact that she was nice to them.

The lady who shared the video on Instagram revealed that the sisters had used her sim card to transfer over N271k (two hundred and seventy one thousand naira) from her savings bank account to their own account.

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Advising other people to be careful of their employees, she wrote; 

 “I have been waiting for the right time to post this.  Pls we should be careful with the kind of people we employ to work for us.. These are 2 sisters I brought to my home to work for me, one is 16 years and she's the one doing the transfer from my account to her sister's account via my phone. 

“And her elder sister moved in to work with me in June and after 2 months she begged me to bring in her younger sister cos they maltreat her where she kept her.  

“I agreed and since then they have been transferring my money unknowing to me bcos they delete the alert anytime they do. She created a code with my alert phone and has been taking away my money.  I don't use the account cos it's just for saving, so i didn't notice.. These are people I do everything for bcos i believe when you're good to your workers Mostly the ones taking care of your kids, they will treat your kids well. 

  “These people finished me oo!!!  The day they left my house they transferred 100k to their account and bcos the alert didn't come on time for them to delete as usual, I was able to see it and went to the bank (gtb) and was told it's one Rosemary and that happens to be my house girl. I immediately blocked her account and printed my bank statement only to discover that they have been doing it for a long time.  

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“People who are close to me knows how good i am to my workers. (271k in total) I am still in shock.. I discovered on the 17th of December and was able to track them down.  Pls my fellow employers, be very careful and vigilant with whom you employ to work for you!!!” 

See video;

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