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Sunday, November 15, 2020

“You Have Failed Nigerians” – Igbo Leaders, Northern Groups Tell Buhari, Governors

Igbo Community Leaders of Northern Nigeria and Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), on Sunday, November 15, said Nigerian leaders have failed the people.

While speaking at the end of a joint meeting held in Abuja, the two socio-political groups said the crop of leaders directing the affairs of the country, irrespective of party affiliation, has failed to institutionalize the principles of regional cooperation and inclusiveness. 

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The groups released a communique to newsmen at the end of the meeting which was co-signed by the Secretary of Igbo Community Leaders of Northern Nigeria, Austin Ifedinezi and CNG spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman. 

It read in part;

“In furtherance of the meeting between the Coalition of Northern Groups and the Igbo traditional, cultural, and community leaders of northern Nigeria started about three years ago, the two parties met again in Abuja and discussed vital national issues and took far-reaching decisions.

“The meeting unanimously agreed: 

“That the passing generations of leaders have failed us, and to use this regional cooperation to ensure that we do not fail the next generation by working for an inclusive society that provides at least the most minimal of equal opportunities for all Nigerians. 

“To foster greater cooperation that would ensure that no region or ethnic group is turned into marginal elements in all calculations in the future of our nation.
“To remain vigilant over the direction and fate of our nation, Nigeria, as major stakeholders in whatever happens in and to Nigeria, but our position on how the nation operates must be informed by enhanced national unity and greater inter regional cooperation.” 

The socio-political groups added that no ethnic group can dominate another forever in the country. 

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“No one wins a religious or ethnic war; no ethnic group can dominate another forever; and no benefit comes from fights and conflicts. With an improved trust and sustained cooperation among all regions, sections and faith, Nigeria will overcome its current challenges,” the communique read.

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