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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Shock As Man Uses Sound System To Make Noise Near A Church That Always ‘Disturbs’ Him

A Twitter user has shared a picture of the big sound system a friend placed in the direction of a nearby church that usually ‘disturbs’ him in the morning even on weekdays.

According to the twitter user, her friend who was obviously fed up with the noise from the church, mounted the huge sound system on the fence demarcating his compound and that of the church and began playing American singer, Cardi B’s “WAP”. 

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Here's what the Twitter user wrote; 

“Faysal has killed me this morning. There’s a church next to his house that’s always making noise early in the morning even on weekdays, baba carried his sound system from his house to put on the fence demarcating the 2 compounds and started playing WAP. 

“I don’t even know but they’re always so bloody loud using the microphone and it’s probably like 5 people in the church on weekdays when they do this.” 

Reacting to the tweet, Faysal declared that he was at war with the church. He posted a list of songs, asking his followers to choose which songs they would want him to use to disturb the church.
A particular twitter user suggested that he played porn on the sound system. 

“Let him play porn when he's fine with that one. Better porn o. The ones with intense orgasms that will make the girl scream. Since we all want to be moving mad.” – @duchessm__

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