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Saturday, October 17, 2020

We Will Go To War If Southerners Want To Use #EndSARS To Remove Buhari – Arewa

The leader of arewa consultative forum, Yerima Shettima has warned that the North will not fold their hands and watch southerners remove Muhamadu Buhari as president.

Speaking to newsmen in Minna about the continuous #EndSARS protests in the country, Shettima alleged that southerners are trying to cheat the North again the way they did after the death of Yar’adua. 

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He revealed that the North was very ready to go to war, if the protesters demand for an end to Nigeria or for buhari’s resignation. 

Here's what he said; 
“Since 1999, the south has been cheating us as regards to the office of the president. When obasanjo was the president, nobody disturbed him until after his complete eight years in office. 

“Immediately our brother took over, they went against him until he died. Instead of using another northerner to complete his tenure, they forced Jonathan on us.

Now our brother buhari is in power again, they are using everything against him forgetting that we still have 8 years after his tenure to equal that of Jonathan and obasanjo. 

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“The point is that we the northerners are not going to allow it. We will go to war if the protesters ever demand for buhari to resign or an end of Nigeria like some of them are doing in Anambra State.”

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