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Friday, July 10, 2020

UAE Has Started Blocking Nigerians From Seeking Asylum Or Employment (Photos)

It is no longer news that the Instagram Celebrity, Ramoni Abbas, also known as hushpuppi alongside other members of the fraudulent gang were arrested some weeks ago.

In the wake of his infamous arrest and extradition, Nigerians are now beginning to face serious difficulties in seeking asylum or jobs in the United Arab Emirates. 

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Multiple institutions abroad, especially in Dubai, have begun rejecting Nigerians who are applying for school or jobs. 

The image of Nigeria as a nation has been dented beyond a reasonable doubt and who knows how many decades it would take for that to be restored in the global society? 

UAE is moving against the influx of Nigerians into the country. To prevent Nigerians from applying at all, a number of these companies added a clause in their job adverts stating that candidates of every nationality can apply except Nigerians. 

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A vacancy for merchandisers was advertised by Shirley Recruitment Consultants in Dubai. Here's what they wrote; 
“Male or female African candidates except Nigerians.”
Another job advert reads;
“Candidates of every nationality, except Nigerians, should apply.” 

Nigerian students are also not spared from this ridicule. A Nigerian who applied to SANS Technology Institute in the US was denied admission because he stated that he was from Nigeria. 

Below are images of emails sent by a prospective asylum seeker to the country; as well as advertisements for employment opportunities in the country;

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