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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Man Chops Off His Brother-in-law’s Hands Over Land Entitlement

The Police are currently trailing a suspect, identified as Jothum Mwenda, who chopped off both hands of his brother-in-law for blocking him from a land inheritance entitlement from the marriage with the victim’s sister in Meru County, Kenya.
The 22-year-old victim, identified as Earnest Kobia is recuperating at Kenyatta National Hospital. 

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According to the victim’s father Charles Kiraithe, the suspect attacked his son, Kobia for opposing Mwenda’s marriage to his sister. 

From the marriage, the Suspect was supposedly entitled to a piece of land – an inheritance which Kobia was totally against. 

Here's what Kiraithe said; 
“They have been having quarrels for along time threatening each other after my young boy expressed the discontent of the suspect Jothum Mwenda to marry his sister and inheriting the piece of land I gave them. 

“I did not take his threats so serious because he was such a humble man but I remember him telling my son that if he continues standing between their marriage he will eliminate him.” 

It was gathered that Mwenda has been living with his purported fiancee in her family house since 2015, prompting the girl’s father (Kiraithe), to allocate them a piece of land. 

Igembe South police boss Henry Onyango confirmed the incident, saying that they are following up on the matter and waiting for the victim to get out of the hospital and record a statement to help the police arrest the suspect.
Appealing to members of the public to solve domestic issues amicably instead of taking law into their hands, he said; 

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“Land tussle still remains a thorn in the flesh in Igembe. People kill one another every now and then over land-related issues. We are calling on elders to be on look out and intervene on such matters.”

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