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Monday, June 15, 2020

Nigerians Voted In A Man Who Killed Their Country, Nigeria Is Dead – Hassan Ayariga (Video)

Ghanaian politician, Hassan Ayariga, founder of the All Peoples Congress, and a candidate of the people’s national convention for the December 2012 Ghana presidential elections has said that Nigerians voted in a man who killed their country.
According to Ayariga, Ghana will not make the same mistake Nigerians made by voting an old man into power who will become a ceremonial President, while someone else rules.

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Speaking in an interview with Ghana Politics Online, he said in part; “Nigerians have given their country to Buhari and he has killed the country, the country is dead, Nigeria is no more what it used to be. 

“Are we bringing another Buhari in Ghana? Of course we can do that. But then we should know that this is not the Buhari that's going to lead this country. Nana will not have the power, the strength to manage...” 

He added that just as Muhammadu Buhari is an old man and doesn't have the capacity to handle and lead the country Nigeria, so will Nana Ado who is 72-years-old. 

In his words, if Ghanaians were to vote in Nana Ado, whom he said is as old as PMB, then someone else would be ruling the country on his behalf. 

He said Ghana should not elect him and be careful not to also adopt Nigeria style which already is killing the country as the man is too old to handle the country.
“When you are expired, you are expired. It doesn't matter your youthful age; what you could do in your youthful age or what you’ve done in the youthful age. But once you are old, you are old, that's a fact. You need to rest...,” Ayariga said.

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