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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Africans And Black Americans Clash On Twitter In An All Out War, See How It All Started

Africans and black Americans are currently dragging each other in what seems to be a war over who is more superior, and Nigerians are at the forefront of it all.
It's a common sight to see African countries engaging in twitter wars against each other but this time is a game changer. Africans united on the platform and are now raining fire and brimstones on black Americans. 

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It all started when a Black American with the handle, @itsmirfreestyle, insolently threw an insensitive joke at a Nigerian over a little banter. 

Here's what he said; 
“I’m not about to argue with an African, that WiFi gone be off soon.” 

That awfully truthful retort started all the raucous, and the war has gone on for hours, with the black american, refusing to take down or apologize for his tweet. 

See tweets;

“@itsmirfreestyle lmaoo still better than someone whose life expectancy depends on the mood of police officers dfkm.” – @godwinobiakor_ 

“Imagine bragging about unlimited WiFi, when your neck could be used as a kneestool at any moment.” – Arnold 

“@itsmirfreestyle At least we are in our mother land and we know our roots. You are in a foreign land. You don’t even know your roots. What a shame.” – @obehieigbe 

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“Our forefathers saw yours and knew foolishness will forever run in their blood that’s why they sold your forefathers for mirrors Cause they were that worthless.” – David 

“@itsmirfreestyle I better get a coffin just in case you step out today.” – @tunde_enigma
“@itsmirfreestyle Let's hope your wifi is faster than your ancestors who couldn't outrun being captured into slavery.” – @SciTheComedist 

See more tweets;

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