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Friday, May 29, 2020

Ojukwu’s Dream Finally Actualized As Boy Who Burnt Himself For Biafra Is Immortalized

L-R: Bruce Mayrock, Lt Ojukwu Odumegwu

The soul of Late Leader of Biafra Movement, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu will smile wherever it is as one of his greatest dreams has been achieved. 

While alive, Ojukwu had hoped to immortalize a young boy named Bruce Mayrock, who had ended his life for the sake of Biafra, and wanted a building to be raised in his name.
Mayrock was a 20-year-old student who had set himself on fire and burnt to death in front of the United Nations building in New York on May 29, 1969. Exactly 51 years ago today, in a bid to draw attention to the plight of the Biafran People.

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He was born into a wealthy family and schooled in Columbia University. He was buried in a nondescript grave at the Mount Ararat Cemetery in Suffolk County NY. His gravestone was inscribed with words like; ‘Idealist, Zealot, Student’.

It was gathered that the Mayrock had no connection with the Igbos, he wasn't one and had never known any Biafran at the time he took his life.

It was for this reason that the Biafra Heroes Day memorial was set aside to hold every 30th of May, which falls on the wee hours of the day Mayrock was confirmed dead. On this day, Biafrans are expected to be in sober reflection with prayer procession. 
Sculpture of Mayrock

It was also gathered that, on his death bed, Chief Ikemba Ojukwu had told his wife about the immortalization. 

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His wife, Bianca Ojukwu recounts their last conversation; 
“There is still time,” I had assured my anxious spouse, “You will get through this, and then you will do it, as you planned,” Bianca replied.

He continued; “I am a soldier..” he said while looking straight into my eyes with all the equanimity of a man whose fate already lay before him,” Bianca noted. 

“The only modes of death I am conditioned to anticipate, happen to be death at the battlefield or by execution…I never expected to get this far. If I don’t make it, Do what you can…our people must never forget….” Ojukwu had instructed. 

The project, according to Bianca, started gradually till completion and will be unveiled on Saturday, May 30, 2020, to mark the remembrance of the brave student, Mayrock, victims (Heroes and Heroines) of the Biafra – Nigeria civil war and those killed unjustly for the sake of the Biafran struggle till date.

In a post shared on her timeline on Friday, May 29, Bianca said; 
“The three-story edifice which took about 30 months to complete will house conference hall with Projectors, an exhibition floor that will house artistic depictions, iconic photos and historic scenes.
“The building project, marking the 50th Anniversary since the end of the bloody war will also contain in it Sculptures of Bruce Mayrock within the landscape and memorial hall. 

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“Pupils from various schools will have an opportunity to visit and learn more about our struggle.”

See more Photos;

Sculpture of Bruce Mayrock


  1. Bruce Mayrock is indeed a remarkable hero we cannot forget in Biafra land because we must immortalize him, what a great work by our Biafran first lady Mrs Bianca Ojukwu, Biafrans are fully behind you.

  2. Bruce Mayrock was One of the heroes of the great struggle for the actualization of the sovereign State of Biafra. He deserved to be immortalized .

  3. Great. Indeed the lebours of our hiros past shall not be invain

  4. This guy believed in us, loved and died for us (Biafrans ) yet most Igbos are themselves worst enemies. Even our political elites can collect the smallest piece of appointment just to sabotage the struggle. Dear MAYROCK I can't guarantee that you didn't die in vain. We love you

  5. He died in the struggle for fairness. May we learn to be fair to each other in Jesus mighty name.


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