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Saturday, May 16, 2020

See The World’s Dirtiest Man Who Hasn't Bathed In 66 Years, His Skin Looks Like Concrete

86-year-old Amal Haji has not bathed in over 66 years and has been declared the dirtiest man in the whole world. He lives in Dejgah village, in the southern Iranian province of Fars and according to the Tehran times, he believes cleanliness brings on illness.
When he wants to relax, he likes to sit down and have a smoke, from a pipe packed with animal faeces. When he smokes cigarettes, he takes about five sticks at a time and his favorite food is rotten porcupine meat. 

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Mr Haji says he chose this way of life after going through some emotional setbacks in his youth and since then - not surprisingly - he has become a loner, living in isolation.

In his village, he was once kidnapped by a group of young men who wanted to give him a thorough bath, but he managed to get away, in what he called, a lucky escape. 

At night he either sleeps in a hole in the ground, which is quite like a grave, or in an open brick shack which concerned locals built for him.

Like cleanliness, he also has a strong dislike for clean foods or drinks. He prefers rotten meals or animals and drinks water from a dirty, rusty oil can. 

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He cuts his hair by burning it with fire and wears rags for clothes. According to reports, he sometimes groom himself, using a car's rearview mirror, especially now that he says, he’s looking for love.
He seems to be living his best life and will probably do so till he dies. 

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